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St. Petersburg Institute of Psychotherapy and

Medical Psychology named after B.D. Karvasar

2) Professional training program in the specialty "Clinical (Medical) Psychology"

The program is intended only for individuals with higher education in the field of psychology and students of senior courses of psychological faculties.

Non-specialized specialists can take this course only with a 1- point professional training program .

Upon completion of training, graduates receive a Diploma of professional retraining with the qualification "Clinical Psychologist" in accordance with the Federal Law of 29.12.2012 №273-FZ "On Education in Russia".

Статус Диплома, выдаваемого Институтом имени Б.Д.Карвасарского

Перечень иностранных государств, включая страны СНГ, с которыми у РФ действуют соглашения о взаимном признании документов об образовании: