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Business Model 4.0 is based on the experience of modern German business development management and consists of more than 5,000 business cases that serve to make strategic decisions.

1) Business Model 4.0 - Business Plan and Business Structure

  • 2011 "Marketing 3.0 - the next stage - Business Model 4.0."

  • Systematic approach - parts of Business Model 4.0.

  • The main elements of the business - 3 independent parts.

  • Product-Sales-Market. Identification of potential development zones.

  • Digital Marketing and SMM (Social Media Marketing).

  • Analysis of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Objective 1: Divide the business into main parts, identify gaps.

In the tense of the inward, the smoky.

2) Choice of direction - area, segment and product.

  • Motive and purpose of business ideas. Choice of direction in business.

  • Selection of promising products for each direction.

  • Sales site - Landing Page, Web Design & Marketing system.

  • Google Keyword Planner, Google AdWords, Google Analytics.

Objective 2: To choose a promising area and direction in business.

In the tense of the inward, the smoky.

3) Product creation and packaging.

  • In-depth analysis and understanding of the product.

  • Who and what do you plan to sell?

  • What is the customer's request? - Attention: Price-Quality.

  • "Customer avatar" method. Problem-Solution-Success Triangle.

  • The brand's product line. Analysis and comparison of competitors.

Objective 3: Explain the product accurately - create "Problem-Solution-Success", "Customer avatar".

In the tense of the inward, the smoky.

4) Sales Plan and Sales Management.

  • Tools and sales scripts.

  • "Passive" sales, "Stream" sales, "Direct" sales - Direct Selling.

  • Phone Sales - Telemarketing, Online Sales.

  • Marketing Advertising, Email marketing, social networking - Networking.

In the tense of the inward, the smoky.

Objective 4: To be able to direct the main sales channels and means.

5) Brand formation.

  • Steps from naming to high price.

  • Creating brand-selling packaging.

  • How to pack a business so that everyone wants to buy its product?

  • Substantiate the high price of a brand's products.

Objective 5: Analysis of Product and Brand Strategy.

In the tense of the inward, the smoky.

6) If marketing is not managed.

  • Involvement of customer flow. Sales vortex.

  • 3 touches with the client - Facebook, Instagram, Google, WhatsApp.

  • Means of attracting modern customers.

  • 1 customer price report - analysis, strategic decision making.

  • Modern application of the Boston schedule - prolonging the life of the product on the market.

Objective 6: To get acquainted with the means and channels of customer engagement.

In the tense of the inward, the smoky.

7) Financial management.

  • Profitability of the business.

  • Profitability formula: Rent, Personnel, Advertising.

  • How many sales should be executed. Cost control.

  • Decomposition. Accentuation method in products.

  • Formation of merchandising.

  • Establishment of CRM system, regulations of HRM system.

Objective 7: Prepare and manage financial statements.

In the tense of the inward, the smoky.

8) Management Strategies.

  • Your position in the market. Competitive strategy.

  • Increasing production. Delegation and Cooperation.

  • Management decision-making system - board of directors, board.

  • Communication with partners and building an active business community.

Objective 8: Write a company business development plan.

Consultation - 100 AZN
Coaching - 1000 AZN
Consulting - 10 000 AZN
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