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"customer says"

25/08/2018 - 15.00-18.00

lamp plaza


  • You will learn how to determine the needs of the person ahead.

  • You will be able to determine his personality and basic psychological needs based on his clothes, behavior, and words.

  • Interesting videos will be presented at the seminar, a memory book will be given.

  • The Maslow needs pyramid is drawn in parallel between the individual qualities of people - you will be presented with a choice connection.

Who will benefit?

  • Customer Service,

  • Those who work with customers in the banking sector,

  • Those who work with customers in the field of sales,

  • Those who work with customers in the "Call Center",

  • Those working in the field of Human Resources,

  • Managers interviewing employees,

  • Those who are interested in marketing,

  • Those who have been trained and educated in economics,

  • Those interested in the field of psychology,

  • Those who want to be successful in communicating with people.

Attention! What does demand mean?

  • Clothing colors

  • Taste and appearance

  • Behavior

  • The words he expressed

  • Circle of interest

  • Decision-making criteria




- 50 AZN

The main goal - to gain useful skills.
Establishing various new contacts, creating favorable conditions for acquaintance for the purpose of cooperation.


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