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In the tense of the inward, the smoky.

Software license and test database in Azerbaijani or Russian on 15 criteria collected on this program - 2000 AZN.

In the tense of the inward, the smoky.


In the tense of the inward, the smoky.

Offer - Download the program to 1 device and 1 person Admin training and consultation, unlimited technical support and recovery of the program (online and directly).

Advantages of the program:

  1. All tests were tested for validity and adapted in Azerbaijan;

  2. The lowest accuracy is 50% in the Leader's Personal Style test (due to experience variability) and the highest is 95% in the Non-Verbal Intelligence-Raven test;

  3. The tests are compiled on the basis of VeralSoft software and allow online testing - when downloaded to 1 PC, it is possible to access its IP address from ordinary browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla), pass the tests assigned by the administrator;

  4. All information will remain locally under the control of your IT department on the Bank's server and can be used as an extensive database for re-testing - in the recruitment of new employees;

  5. It can be used equally effectively in the recruitment of new employees and in the testing of permanent employees;

  6. There is an opportunity to add new ones (math, language skills, other logical, special banking tests).

Allows you to quickly evaluate all employees, present the results in MS Excel in the form of a diagram.

I will send a sample report for one person in the attachment.

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