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Sales School

sales technology
18 hours - 6 days - 3 hours a day
Price: 400 AZN

For 1 person - 400 AZN, for 2 people - 700 AZN, for 3 people - 900 AZN

Corporate for 15 people - total price - 3000 AZN

Business Consulting is provided at the request of the HR Department.

Module 1. Customer Communication and Psychological Skills - 2 hours

Meaning of Sales, Stages of Sales, Preparation - presentation, videos - 30 minutes

Communication, Body Language, Sound and Words - presentation, videos - 30 minutes

Customer Analysis, Character Types, Colors and Behavior, Words Used, Decision Criteria - Presentation, Videos - 60 minutes

Module 2. Questioning Technologies - 1 hour

Method - presentation, rehearsals, assignments, games and assignments - 30 minutes

Exercise - A word is written on the board that means an object, participants take turns asking questions to find that word, and the answer to the question helps to find the object. As a result, we can analyze which questions help to find the item. - 30 minutes

Module 3. Services and Goods Presentation Skills - 6 hours

Presentation, practical training, analysis of video recordings, consulting - 60 minutes

Exercise - each participant lists the main advantages of the product in 1 sentence and increases attention to it. - 1 person 12 minutes = 10 * 12 = 120 minutes

Rehearsal - each participant in turn makes only a presentation of any product, video is taken, shown on the screen, analyzed, recommendations are given. - 90 minutes

Service Assignment - Presentation, a presentation tailored to the Customer's Character

Rehearsal - each participant presents a product to a person with a specific type of character, a video is taken, shown on the screen, analyzed, recommendations are given. - 90 minutes

Module 4. Telephone Communication with Customers - 2 hours

Phone Sales (Telemarketing) Skills - Special notes on phone conversations, voice modulation, phone presentation, first sentence construction, Algorithm, demonstration of customer earnings, product presentation - presentation, videos - 60 minutes

Training - each participant trains in the role of a virtual conversation with the client, improves the ability to ask questions correctly and receive information, answers questions in accordance with both logical and ethical rules, represents the company and increases attention to it. After a few examples, participants are free to construct this sentence. - 3 minutes per person - 60 minutes

In the tense of the inward, the smoky.

Module 5. Procedure for working with protests, Argumentation Techniques - 3 hours

Resistance, Basic Principles, Argumentation methods - presentation, training. - 60 minutes

Training - the main resistances are selected, listed. A small team is assigned to each of them, and it is necessary to organize a scene for each team, thinking about what model of behavior would be appropriate in the face of this resistance. It takes 5-10 minutes. Then they present these scenes - video is taken, analysis is made, recommendations are given. Training in groups of 2 - 5 small groups - preparation for the behavior of customers who object to the tasks
- by means of role change - 30 minutes + 30 minutes.

Review of video games, analysis - 60 minutes

In the tense of the inward, the smoky.

Module 6. The art of closing sales - 4 hours

Closing the sale and completion of the final work - presentation, practical training - 60 minutes

Training - In the process of sales, there is a brainstorming about which of the techniques to close the sale can be used to sell their products at any time. Decisions are made.

Sales Process Analysis - competition-type practical training, video, analysis. - 60 minutes

Rehearsal - Scenes of full customer-seller communication are created, there are speeches in turn, when participants find a gross error in the rules of sales - STOP! - He stops the scene and explains the reason. The next specialist is present. All participants must be allowed to participate in this game. - 60 minutes

Rehearsal - Open discussion, list of main problems, models of proposals for the solution of each, animation of scenes and video recording. - 60 minutes

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