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Marketing & PR

Based on the German and Japanese experience, we conduct a training program for management, consisting of a management complex in business development using the Business Model 4.0 method. The program includes practical training and coaching on marketing and sales.


1. Dating, First consultation - Analysis of the market and current business model - 100 AZN.

2. Extensive and mobile version site - 3000 AZN / 12 months support - 2 weeks delivery - our site is an example .

  • Integration with social networks - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest - together with the site

  • Registration in search engines - Google Search, Maps, Plus, Analytics - together with the site

  • Dial Ragimoff on Google - this kind of information is included in the package.

3. Advertising in Google AdWords search engine - on average 500 AZN / month

  • People from your chosen region will see your ad on the first line of page 1 when they type the words you select while searching for information on Google, and from there they will call you or go to your site for more information,

  • Google AdWords is a tool that can directly increase sales to your online customers, but it will also make your company more memorable.

4. Corporate video channel - YouTube, Facebook - Photographer, operator - 500 AZN / month
YouTube, Facebook -
Dial "Ragimoff" - see examples.

Basic Pack


5. Corporate Style - brand video, logo, slogan, style of brochures - 2000 AZN

  • All videos on our site start with brand-video RAGİMOFF

6. Copywriting, Sales scripts - training, staff training - 2000 AZN

  • Text for advertising, rules of performance for employees, application- training-coaching

7. Analysis of the treatment system - cost, customer price - 1000 AZN

8. regularly advises top managers koucinqi - 2000 $ / month

  • Involvement of professionals - this service is included.

9. Establishment of Human Resources Management System - Career Plan , tests, motivation system, recruitment system, personnel reserve system - 5000 AZN

10. Creative commercial - from 5000 AZN (depending on the complexity of the script)

Business Pack


Branding   - events organized in a regular sequence in order to create an unambiguously demanded image of the manufacturer and the product in the imagination of the audience, which in turn has a positive effect on the higher prices of products.

Rebranding - a series of measures taken to change the image of a product or company, which in turn increases the confidence of customers against the manufacturer and the product (name, logo, visual image, position, ideology, etc.).

Corporate events, purposeful articles in the media, speeches on TV programs, which serve to create a positive impression of the company or product in the shortest possible time.

Branding Pack
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