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Marketing & PR

PR questions:

Modern sites are dynamic and create a good impression starting from the main page - for this they insert a corporate video background and use a macro style (large and sharp photos, large text, small words).


In the tense of the inward, the smoky.

Also how you can see a lot of modern sites - https: //,
and other sites with video - https: // , or in large text - , , compare with / music , , - we recommend pages with the largest corporate video - soon the majority of Internet providers will become even faster and this will inevitably lead to the growth of graphic trends - we can already develop a site that will be relevant and in the future.

In the tense of the inward, the smoky.

Full Price Mobile Version:

In the tense of the inward, the smoky.

All more users use mobile phones and tablets to view sites - the poet has our own automatic mobile version of our sites and to compare with "rubber" sites - they do not lose proportions and look for a readily available site . Take a look at our mobile phone sites.

Marketing questions:

In the tense of the inward, the smoky.

Поиск по названию компании и названию услуг предоставляющих компанией - поиск в системе в сети google должен обнаруживать сайты на которых - Заголовки страниц прописаны с использованием ключевых слов, названия фотографий улучшающих индексацию по ключевых словам, использование ленты новостей как акцент на событиях и получение дополнительных активных ссылок on your site - the publication of these articles on social networks, in particular on the page on Facebook and Google Plus, Twitter - see the section , as well as the icons of the main social networks in the lower corner. - We recommend to make the main page bright in the upper part - video and active blocks (as on - , and below to make the main news strip - so go to the main page of the people here In the latest news, and sharing the news, you can post links to social networks on the main page. At this moment, articles are missing on your site - in fact, this is the link to download the PDF file.

On issues of cooperation:

In the tense of the inward, the smoky.

You can create a directory of your company's services - blocks on the main page - when clicked on a separate page where all the detailed information about this service is provided - and you can also put a link to download the link by downloading the link to download it This will increase the efficiency of work and reduce the need for employees to explain and then send the catalogs, in addition, you will get contacts of all interested people - and in the pursuit of success you can do as much as possible.

Corporate mail:

In the tense of the inward, the smoky.

We can provide an unlimited number of boxes with an unlimited volume and the ability to manage as much as your site and mobile device.

Also, the connection to the cloud storage system of data from the mobile device allows each owner of the mail to receive an additional 25 GB of cloud space for downloading photos, videos, documents - both from the phone and from the computer.

Several domains:

In the tense of the inward, the smoky.

This whole set of services is recommended to link to your domain after the new site is ready - until this time your current site will be the main, but you will be able to view the new on another domain - for example - www .____ . In this way, you will be able to create a full-fledged site and until the last moment to make any changes to it without affecting the current site. And in the end just add the main domain to the new site.

In the tense of the inward, the smoky.


In the tense of the inward, the smoky.

We also provide full support of the site in the first year with the possibility of adjustment, make changes, open new mailboxes, change the emphasis on promotions, menu and structure of the site, publish photos, publish articles, news, articles, news.

And in the long run, when extended, at your request - we continue to provide full support.

In the tense of the inward, the smoky.


In the tense of the inward, the smoky.

All services with development, corporate e-mail addresses and support in several languages, except for photos and videos and text translation (these data are provided to you) - we can perform for 3000 azn for the first time.

In the tense of the inward, the smoky.

You just have to send it by e-mail to the information that you want to see on your site and in 24 hours they will be exhibited - in the course of the year on the site you will always have only one task - what? - Technically, you will not have a problem.


If you want to create this site on your own software database and hosted on your own server, then the cost of the programmer's service will be added to the cost of the service - 1500 azn.


1. First consultation - Analysis of the market and current business models - 100 AZN.

2. General and Mobile modern site - 3000 AZN / 2 weeks - evaluate our site .

  • Integration with social networks - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest - includes cost,

  • Search engine optimization - Google Search, Maps, Analytics - included with cost,

  • Type in Google the word "Ragimoff" - this integration is also included in the cost.

3. Promotion to Google AdWords - 500 AZN / Month - type in Google “HR”

  • Users from your region who are looking for information on Google will see information about your services in the first line of information about your company exactly when they are looking for the goods or services offered to you by Google,

  • Google AdWords will help increase the volume of Internet sales, the number of calls to the office, attract new visitors to the site and form a permanent audience.

4. Your video channel - YouTube, Facebook - Photographer, cameraman - 500 AZN / Month
Type in YouTube, Facebook -
"Ragimoff" - rate.


5. Corporate style - video screensaver, logo, slogan, style brochure - 2000 AZN

  • All our videos on the site start with corporate video screensavers RAGİMOFF

6. Copywriting, Selling scripts - development, staff training - 2000 AZN

  • Texts for advertisements, instructions and rules of work for employees - training coaching

7. Analysis of financial indicators - self-sufficiency, price, cost of the client - 1000 AZN

8. Regular consultation, coaching of top managers - 2000 AZN / month

  • Attraction of professional staff - includes regular consultation.

9. Work strategy with staff - Career plan, testing, motivation - 5000 AZN

10. Creative commercial - from 5000 AZN (depending on the script)

Business Pack
Basic Pack


Branding - a set of subsequent events aimed at creating a whole and demanding consumer image of the product, which positively affects the price.

Rebranding - a set of events to change the whole brand, or its components (title, logo, visual design, positioning, ideology, etc.).

When we talk about rebranding, we have a kind of image change, stereotypes that exist in the perception of consumers and psychologically impeding the further development of the brand.

A set of events, news on TV and articles in the media, which for a short period of time will give a resultant change in the perception of a new product or line of goods.

Branding Pack
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